Get into shape with All Saints CA

Weights Gym

The All Saint's Gym has been moved and fully refurbished. It is a great mix of cardio vascular work out and weight training provided that they are used correctly and as instructed. The cardio vascular equipment that is available are:

• Cross Trainers
• Treadmills
• Exercise Bikes
• Step Machines

There is also equipment available for weight training, including loose weights that are designed to work all parts of the body, provided that they are used after a good cardio work out. Extra equipment is available such as Dumbbells. The gym also has wall-mounted fans to help users stay cool and comfortable while they work out

Opening Times

Monday 10AM – 9PM
Tuesday 10AM – 9PM
Wednesday 10AM – 9PM
Thursday 10AM – 9PM
Friday 10AM – 9PM