Sessions and Activities
Get involved with some of our fantastic activities!

Model Club - Tuesdays 6.30 - 8.45pm

We are the South Tyneside model makers club and the club was formed in 1988. We came to All Saints last year and we are very happy with our present location. Our members are all keen modellers and models of many different subjects are represented, from ships to aircrafts and railways to armoured fighting vehicles.

Unfortunately, our membership has declined over the past few years where we originally had 30 members. lately, however we are now down to 6. We have recently exhibited at a show and we are hopeful of increasing our numbers soon. Next year we are looking forward to setting up an exhibition right here at All Saints in order to publicise what we are doing and the models we have made with the purpose of attracting local people who may want to participate.

We also welcome new people to our club but whatever happens our enthusiasm will carry this group forwardinto the future.


Discussion Group - Fridays 2.00 - 4.00pm

We are a group which is totally affiliated to the U.3.A. ans as such new members must be affiliated through this organisation. Our group meets monthly for the purpose of discussing matters of general interest.

Drawing and Pastel Class - Wednesdays 2.00 - 4.00pm

We are a group of people aged 60 and over, we do portraits, animal and still life drawings. we meet once a fortnight throughout the year.


APEX Canine Training Club - Tuesdays -7.15pm - 9.00pm

We try to teach basic dog obedience - sit, down, stand and stay in theses classes, once they are settled we then move on to more complex instructions including retrieve, sendaway and recall with other variations on these exercises.

Small Saints Junior Youth Club

Our club has been running for nearly 8 years, and the children we work with are aged between 5-10 years old. We have 30 members and currently have a list of 10+ children waiting to join our club. Our aim is to support children's natural ability to play in a way that enables them to learn and develop as individuals and as members of the community and of society as a whole, to encourage children's well being, healthy growth and development by providing children with a variety of play opportunities in a safe and welcoming environment.


Visually Impaired Group V.I.P.

All vision impaired people are welcome, regardless of age, gender or ability. Bring along a friend or family member if you wish (they all support each other as well). We can discuss our problems and share our solutions as well as enjoying our weekly activities. We can try out different things to see what we can achieve or are good at. We are often away on outings, or having a party (any excuse) so it is best to call one of the above numbers the week before you intend to drop in. We usually have up to 12 outings a year, including day trips, parties, 3 and 5 day holidays and pub lunches. We also have the occasional guest speaker on issues that matter to us. Your life has changed, it's not over. Come and join us, we don't bite.

Inters Youth Club

We offer a Youth Group for young people aged between 11-19. This year, we have worked with 102 members who attend up to 3 sessions per week. Our aim is to encourage and support young people in a variety of activities and qualifications.

The activities we provide include:

Table tennis
Learning how to play the decks
A range of game consoles
Karaoke System
D of E / Mayors Award
Fund Raising/Outdoor Activities

We also encourage the young people to get involved in planning charitable events.


Valerie Shepherd School of Dance

Valerie Shepherd Dance Academy used to run 6 days a week at All Saints and runs a variety of classes from the ages of 3 to 70 yr old. This year, Valerie's classes are still running strong despite her promise to take it easy.

This year has been another busy year starting with students taking part in an 8 day festival at the Customs House with great results. Students and Teachers are working hard to prepare for the Jarrow festival in July. We were lucky to win the prestigious teachers award and in December all students took exams which were very successful.

The skill level of students is as strong as ever with a steady stream of young people gaining places in prestigious dance schools in London and around the country.